Bylaws of MAILL Maryland Resource Sharing
Last Updated: 11/13/2015
pdf version: MAILL Bylaws


Article I – Name
The name of the organization shall be: Maryland Interlibrary Loan (acronym-MAILL)

Article II – Philosophy, Goals and Objectives

PHILOSOPHY: MAILL exists to facilitate the process of resource sharing in Maryland libraries through the mutual sharing of ideas, concerns, procedures and policies.


  1. To provide a forum for networking and interaction among Interlibrary Loan (ILL) staff in Maryland.
  2. To enhance cooperation and improve ILL practices in Maryland.
  3. To communicate to state library agencies the needs and reactions of ILL staff to proposed state policies and developments.
  4. To standardize policies and procedures where necessary and appropriate.
  5. To act as a support group, and mentor new ILL staff.
  6. To provide information on current topics with an emphasis on new technological advances in the ILL field.
  7. To keep the membership informed on MAILL’s activities.
  8. To work with MILO (Maryland Interlibrary Loan Organization) staff at the State Library Resource Center to maintain a current list of MILO Maryland Network Libraries (in MILO Code Order).


  1. To operate as a formal group with elected officers and written by-laws.
  2. To organize workshops on various subjects of interest to ILL and resource sharing.
  3. To report occasionally in newsletters, social media, or Library publications.
  4. To provide speakers to address the group on topics of current interest.

Article III – Membership

Membership in the organization is open to all resource sharing staff in the State of Maryland and in Washington, D.C. Membership is individual. The membership year shall be July through June. Dues may be paid at any time during the membership year. Dues must be renewed each membership year. The annual dues shall be established at the annual meeting on the recommendation of the Executive Board.

Article IV – Meetings
Regular meetings shall be held at least annually at a location, date and time convenient to the membership.

Article V – Officers

  1. Chair
    a. Serves one year as Vice Chair, then assumes and serves one year as Chair, and then
    serves one year as Past Chair
    b. Presides over all meetings.
    i.   calls members to order
    ii.  announces and conducts business
    iii.  recognizes member
    iv. states and puts questions to a vote and announces results
    c. Enforces the rules of order
    d. Organizes MAILL Board planning meetings.
    e. Sets the agenda for the meetings.
    f. Works with the MAILL Board to plan MAILL program meeting
    g. Has joint access to financial accounts with Treasurer.
    h. Keeps in contact with Communications Liaison for updates to MAILL website.
  1. Vice Chair (Chair-Elect)
    a. Serves one year as Vice Chair, then assumes and serves one year as Chair, and then
    serves one year as Past Chair.
    b. Assists in finalizing program arrangements.
    c.  Assists the Chair in his/her duties.
    d. Presides over meetings in the absence of the Chair.
  1. Communications Liaison
    a. Serves a minimum of two year
    b. Conducts general correspondence with MAILL Board members.
    c. Composes and distributes program announcements via listservs: MAILL (MD-ILL) MLA (MARYLIB) and ILL-L
    d. Updates MAILL website and social media to include program announcements,
    meetings, updates, etc.
    e. Creates all registration materials for attendees and conducts all registration
    check-in at program meeting
    f. May write articles for library publications, newsletters, and post to social media.
    g. Prepares and distributes minutes to MAILL Board  within  one month following
    the Board Meeting.
    h.Keeps copies  of all  documents  in  print  and/or electronically,  including minutes
    and publications announcing meetings.
    i. Maintains records of all bylaws, special rules of order, and standing rules for the
    j. Revises all bylaws, special rules of order, and standing rules for the organization as
    amendments are made to them and gives a copy of these revised documents to all
    MAILL members.
    k. Presides over meetings in the absence of the Chair and Vice Chair.


  1. Treasurer
    a. Serves a minimum of two years.
    b. Keeps custody of the funds of the organization.
    c. Maintains records of funds collected and disbursed.
    d. Makes financial reports to the organization as required.
    e. Bills members for dues and/or other collectable fees.
    f. Has joint access to financial accounts with Chair.
    g. Maintains in good order and has available at all meetings a list of current member h. Distributes essential organizational information to each new member. This
    shall always include a copy of the MAILL Bylaws and current Membership List as
    well as any other information recommended by the Executive Board.
    i. Forwards membership updates to contact at Enoch Pratt Free Library (host of MD-
    ILL member listserv), so updates are made to listserv.
    j. Forwards registration lists for upcoming meetings to the Communications Liaison, who creates registration materials and check-in list for meetings.
  1. Past Chair
    a. The Past Chair shall provide continuity by serving in an advisory capacity on the
    Executive Board.

Article VI – Nomination and Election of Officers
Nominations shall be made electronically or from the floor at the annual meeting. Names will be sent out electronically prior to the annual meeting. Elections shall take place annual meeting for the offices of:
Vice Chair; Communications Liaison; Treasurer
Officers elected at the annual meeting shall assume their responsibilities immediately following that meeting. July of the current year to June of the following year.
If any officer is unable to complete his/her term of office, the Executive Board may recommend a candidate for the remainder of the officer’s term. The recommended candidate and/or any other nominees or volunteers will stand for the election at the next general membership meeting.

Article VII – Virtual Membership
MAILL members who are willing to serve on the MAILL Board may request to serve as a virtual member. Since input at planning meetings is critical from all Board members, efforts will be made to hold Board meetings via video conference whenever possible.

Article VIII – Amendments
These bylaws may be amended by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present at any regular MAILL meeting, provided that the amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous regular meeting. Any member may propose an amendment to the bylaws. The initiating member shall distribute copies of the proposed change to all members present when the amendment is first proposed. The Communications Liaison shall send copies of the proposed amendment with the announcement of the meeting at which the proposed amendment shall be voted on.

Article IX – Parliamentary Authority
Robert’s Rules of Order (latest revised edition) shall govern meetings of the organization.